How Can I Help You?

     If you're having problems with your computer, possibilities are that you need my services! For less than you would pay the local computer shop to repair your computer, I will come to your home and fix it for you!

What Do You Want?

     Are you looking for a new computer? Want something better and faster than that computer sitting on the store at Big Blue? Want something that you can upgrade without having to buy a whole new computer? Looking for a Custom Computer to match your decor? Are you a hardcore gamer and want to be able to frag people with ease? I can help you pick out the color and style you want, then build it to your specs! Give me a Call!

Can't Get It Hooked Up?

     Already bought a new computer and now you canít figure out how to hook everything up? The printer isnít printing? Speakers arenít working? I can show you how to hook up your computer correctly, and show you how to use the accessories you bought to go with it!

Networking and Internet Sharing

     Got more than one computer but only one Internet connection? I can hook all your computers up on a network so that they will have shared access to the Internet, whether it is Cable, DSL, or Dial-Up, and any printers you may have. No need to have a printer for every computer.

Virus Removal

     Got a Virus? Donít know if you have a Virus? With todayís Viruses it is very hard to tell in some cases whether you have one or not, even if you have a Virus Scanner! For a nominal fee, I can check your computer for viruses and make sure that your virus scanner is up to date. If you donít have a virus scanner, I can provide you with one for free!


     Do you want more Hard Drive space? Do you want to install a CD/DVD Burner, so that you can back up your old movies to DVD and make mixes of your favorite music CDs? Want to play those new games but donít know how to put in that new Video Card? I can advise you what type of hardware would suit your needs and install it for you. I can even transfer your data from the old Hard Drive to the new one! Still running on Windows95 want to upgrade to a faster operating system, but donít know how to do it? I can install your new operating system for you and set up all of your accessories so that you donít have to worry about it!

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